Wednesday, February 18, 2009


While I was out yesterday doing my run/walk, I came across a gorgeous swan. It had been killed by probably a dog. I was so overcome with emotion. Last year this small pond had 4 swans, a couple and their 2 babies. Before they were able to leave for the season one of the adults was killed. I cried and felt awful on how cruel life is. The part that hurt was not the dead swan but the one who was still alive. It would have to go through life alone, as they mate for life. Oh the grand design.....

Now the one that was left behind is dead by the side of the pond. Wow what an impact it has had on me. What a short life for all of us! As devastated as I was it put some fire in my run/walk. As the tears flowed, I realized how precious every day is. My hope is that the cars driving by didn't notice my blubbering while I traversed home. It helped me to realize the honor of seeing this situation and how it can make my life different. I am grabbing at all life has to offer: happiness, joy, sadness, grief, pain from exercising, and I am embracing it.

It seems strange how short our time is on this planet and how we can waste so much of our precious time being preoccupied with things that don't matter. The really important things are family, friends, and doing the right thing every day. That includes eating well and healthy and continuing my path to health.

I find this time around it is much more cerebral. Don't get me wrong I do suffer when exercising, but there seems to be alot more thought going on while I am doing it.

Time flies when you have a goal and are working towards it.

Maybe I will be able to soar like the swans......

One morning we can be swimming in a pond and by noon things could change.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Wow, it's amazing how much snow can fall in Indiana! I love it, but I sure hate working out in it. I need to work on not being a wuss when it comes to the cold. I do workout inside but there are some big things that are fresh air, sunlight, and the wide open world.

I was raised in southern New Mexico, so winters were never like this. We could get bikes for Christmas and ride them that day. When I was in college, my swimming classes were held outside in January. Not to say it wasn't cold, but not like this.

I find shoveling snow a fun experience, my husband on the other hand doesn't since he does most of it. ;) The falling snowflakes are so magical and a piece of art.

This is one of the big reasons I cannot workout outside, because I will get distracted and not pay attention and end up falling or hurting myself falling on ice. Did that sound like an excuse???
I can sort of defend myself in the warmer weather, I do all of my workouts outside.

I have also found that soups are really good. We didn't have lots of soup because it was hot outside. Now it's lovely veggies in a warm broth, that warms from the inside out. Who knew?

Life is good, workouts are good, food is good, it seems like a good week.

Sorry about the Cardinals.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A week into the project

After reading everyone's blog, it seems unanimous, this is easier said than done. I too struggled this week with getting up early to exercise. I still seem to trip over my jump rope. Good thing it's only twice a week. I did manage to lose 3 lbs over this week, so all the pain and agony seems to be worth it.

I do feel much more optimistic having finished the first week. I know the sore muscles will stop being so sore soon and then Chris will change it all up again.

Keep up the faith and good work everyone. It's all for a excellent reason: you!!!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I thought that since we have new project members and I miss all of my friends in the project, I would hit the blog too.

I want to support all of our newest recruits in their new adventures. The first week is a bit challenging, at least it was for me. I am not the most graceful woman so I am grateful to do most of this in my living room. Today's workout is a great way to start the week! Tomorrow's workout for strength training is always my challenge. I remember jumping rope as a girl and how much fun it was. This girl has grown up and wow, who knew jump rope could be so hard to do for any extended period of time.

One thing I want to stress to all of you, when you have a question about how to do an exercise or the correct form, make sure you ask Chris!! Once you do it right a couple of times it will seem easier. This week will be a challenge and you will be sore. On thing I suffered from, other than sore muscles is a lack of energy from cutting out the useless carbs in my diet. Sugar, white flour and junk food fought me hard the first two weeks. It wasn't that I wanted to eat them, but I was asking my body to burn what it had, not consume more carbs. It made me very lethargic and tired. BUT DON'T STOP!! If you experience this, just take a moment, have a glass of water or a cup of green tea and get focused on what you want to achieve. Once you are passed this phase you will begin to feel so clear, focused, happy and you will beam. Your hair, skin and eyes will show the changes you are making for yourself.

Just remember it's all about you. Not your partner, friends, family. It's about you. Once you get that in your head, then you won't struggle so much to fit your workouts in. Then you realize you are in a group of wonderful people and it becomes a group thing!!! Sharing, caring and all going in the same direction through a great transformation.

I am happy to chat or answer any questions you might have for me. I am hear to help you!!