Wednesday, February 18, 2009


While I was out yesterday doing my run/walk, I came across a gorgeous swan. It had been killed by probably a dog. I was so overcome with emotion. Last year this small pond had 4 swans, a couple and their 2 babies. Before they were able to leave for the season one of the adults was killed. I cried and felt awful on how cruel life is. The part that hurt was not the dead swan but the one who was still alive. It would have to go through life alone, as they mate for life. Oh the grand design.....

Now the one that was left behind is dead by the side of the pond. Wow what an impact it has had on me. What a short life for all of us! As devastated as I was it put some fire in my run/walk. As the tears flowed, I realized how precious every day is. My hope is that the cars driving by didn't notice my blubbering while I traversed home. It helped me to realize the honor of seeing this situation and how it can make my life different. I am grabbing at all life has to offer: happiness, joy, sadness, grief, pain from exercising, and I am embracing it.

It seems strange how short our time is on this planet and how we can waste so much of our precious time being preoccupied with things that don't matter. The really important things are family, friends, and doing the right thing every day. That includes eating well and healthy and continuing my path to health.

I find this time around it is much more cerebral. Don't get me wrong I do suffer when exercising, but there seems to be alot more thought going on while I am doing it.

Time flies when you have a goal and are working towards it.

Maybe I will be able to soar like the swans......

One morning we can be swimming in a pond and by noon things could change.

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Christine said...

How insightful of you! That is the circle of life and it is strange how when you look at it in detail like that, how much it means in your own life. I hope all is well with you, miss you! I too have been plugging away and making some progress. It is hard and there are so many temptations out there ... I continue to try to keep my goals at the forefront of it all. Hang in there and take care! Christine